Hello World! Investors, Owners & Tenants!


Greetings to the hordes of readers who are checking out my very first property management blog post!!  Our first REAL blog post should be forthcoming in just a matter of days!

I just have to decide what I want to chat about FIRST!! 

  • Them/Us – What’s the difference?
  • Getting back the most money from your security deposit!  A FREE cleaning checklist for owners & tenants moving out.   I prefer not to keep your deposit, thank you!
  • Tenants – Military, NATO, civilian – but all highly qualified!
  • Plumbing – Preparing your vacant home for tenants – getting rid of the gunky stuff!
  • Photography & home staging for marketing!  Staging your house is not just for the sale market! 
  • Updating – Getting rid of brass and other dated stuff at your house – little by little! 
  • Pets – take ’em or not?  Yes, you probably should!   
  • Risk-free property management plan!  
  • Maintenance – Necessary and preventative!   See Below!  


Mary Kenworthy – Associate Property Manager

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Why Us?

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