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Congratulations on finding a home!

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Online Application

Applicants will need to show proof of all income that they would like to be considered on the application.

Non-Military Employment: If employed, send 1 month of paystubs. If your income is not from an employer or you are self-employed, you will need to show proof of regular disbursements. Your 2 most recent years of tax returns are preferred.

Military Employment: Send in your current LES and we will also need a copy of your orders to Virginia. Providing proof of your income when you submit the application will speed up the process. If none of this applies to you, please let us know.

Please Advise:   

  • If you have any mortgage loans on your credit report that have not been paid in full, we will need to know the status of the property.  If it’s rented, we will need a copy of the lease agreement for your tenant.  If it’s on the market or under a sales contract, we will need a copy of those documents.
  • If you have had a bankruptcy, please let us know the status.  If it’s discharged, we will need the final documents that you received when it was closed out.  If you have filed for bankruptcy, please let us know before you submit your application.
  • Employment – All applicants that are currently employed and will be keeping their current job upon arrival to the area must submit proof of income. If you are starting a new job upon arrival to the area, we will need a letter of employment from your new employer.

Criteria considered – Review before applying:

– Credit (Account standing w/out judgments/repo’s/collections/open bankruptcies)
– Beacon/FICO score (600 or higher)
– Debt to income ratio (Should be below 40% including prospective rent)
– Employment history (submit paystubs/Employment Letters/LES)
– Rental/mortgage history/utilities (Payment history – no late payments or balances owed)
– Eviction proceedings records (Should be none – you can owe no landlords or be breaking a lease)
– A Deposit equal to 1 month’s rent due upon approval PLUS pet deposits – if applicable

Your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid.  The fee is $40.00 per person.  All parties over 18 need to submit an application.

Upon Approval:


Once your application is approved, you may pay your deposit in several different ways.  Payments must be made out to RE/MAX Alliance in certified funds.  If you have pets, those deposits are due within 24-hours of approval also.

  • You can bring your deposit into our office within 24-hours. If the office is closed, please use our after-hours drop box and place your deposit in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope please write the address of the property you have been approved for and address it to Stephanie Clark. All checks must be certified funds – bank/cashier’s check or money order(s).
  • You can overnight your deposit within 24-hours.  Send it to:  4701 Columbus Street, #200 l Va. Beach, VA  23462 attention Stephanie Clark.  Be sure the address of the property is listed on your check.  All checks must be certified funds – bank check or money order(s).
  • You can wire your deposit within 24-hours.  Wire transfers work in real time, meaning the recipient will receive the wired funds right away.   Let us know before you send it so that we will be expecting it.  Please make sure you specify your name and the property address so that we are able to identify the wire when it arrives.  (If this information is not included it can be very difficult to verify).  Your bank will need the following information to process these funds to our account:

       SunTrust Bank  3334 Virginia Beach Blvd.  Virginia Beach, VA 23452

       Routing #:  061000104 /Account#:  Call for @ 757-481-0441

*Please note: you cannot use this account info to take or mail payments directly.
Fines will apply. *

Lease Signing: 

Most signings are now digital, so you can sign from anywhere via email or even on your smart phone.  If you come in to sign, bring to your lease signing a picture ID.  You will need to submit a voided check to set up your direct debit account for rent. 

  • Banking information  A voided check.  Temporary checks (checks without name & address imprinted) are not accepted.  If you only have temporary checks, you can either have your bank print you a check, or you will have to get a bank letter.  We will need a voided check or a bank letter that contains your account number, bank routing information and shows your full name and address.  This will allow us to set up your required automatic rent withdrawal.

Prior to Move-In Day: 

° Obtain Renters Insurance. Confirmation of your renters’ insurance will be a requirement to obtain your keys at move in. The policy requirements are:

  • RE/MAX Alliance MUST be listed as an “interested party”
  • Policy must have $300K in personal liability coverage ($500k for homes with pools)
  • All parties on the lease must be shown either on one policy or on separate policies

°  Set up utilities. We will need you to provide us with account numbers or confirmation numbers for water, gas and electric. You will need to have utilities running at the home by your move in date. If you are not moving in on the scheduled start date, you will still need to turn on all utilities so that we have no gaps in service. 

Move-In Day: 

° Pick up Move-in Packet and keys ­­­­­­­ between the hours of 12p.m and 5:00 p.m at 4701 Columbus Street Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA  23454.

° Drop off initial rent (money order or cashiers check) when you pick up move in packet.  You will not be given the packet unless you have turned in your certified rent payment.  If your automatic rent debit has already started, this does not apply to you.

° If your home is a condo, take signed lease to post office to have new mailbox key issued, unless the old tenant has left you a key to use.

Online Forms: Click on each link below to view or download.

Online Application – Stephanie Clark