Top 10 – Our Best Property Management Advice

With a lot of thought and some help from a few pals in property management, here is my top-10, best pieces of advice that I can give YOU about owning investment property in 2021. I’ve even included some links to other helpful blogs in case you really wanted to “nerd it up” and make a…

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The Home Warranty Scam

Landlords considering a home warranty for their rental should know what property managers know and why you are better off not using one for your investment property. When property managers send a vendor they know to a managed home, they are familiar with their prices, workmanship and how they have conducted themselves historically in a…

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Why You Should Be A Pet-Friendly Landlord

Research indicates 50-75% of tenants desire pet-friendly rentals. This means homes marketed as “no Pets” have a much smaller pool of prospective renters. Excluding pet owners, may be a HUGE mistake. Tenants shopping for rental homes these days rely on search engines to find the perfect home that meets all their carefully chosen list of…

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Finding YOUR Dream Home

What is a home?   The meaning of “home” is not the same for all of us, but for most, it’s not just where you shelter from storms and sleep, it’s also where you retreat to feel safe, gain strength, care for family and friends and hopefully find happiness too.  One person’s shack is another’s palace…

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The Hillsborough County Hoarder is Gone

Last week in a quiet Hospice room, my aunt Diane took her leave of this world alone. Coronavirus has limited hospital visits, but there were few people left on earth who would have gone anyway. Diane was the most prolific hoarder that I’ve ever known and I’ve encountered a few in my time in real…

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Garden for Happiness During Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus bears down on America, we’ve hunkered down at home and tried to find new ways to fill the hours. For some, it’s been a hardship in many ways. Fortunately with an “essential” job in property management and my husband in the Navy, we’ve been secure so far. There are challenges working from…

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10 Things to Inspect at Tenant-Occupied Homes

Occupied inspections with photographs are a must if you plan to be a successful landlord.  Information gleaned from occupied inspections help owners plan for future expenses and catch small concerns before they become big. The documentation from inspections can save your tush in court. Judges tend to favor tenants over landlords in every state, especially…

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How to Vet Tenants…Even If You’re Too Nice

First of all, it isn’t about “nice” it’s about putting your needs first.  A rental home is a business, and you must treat it as one. Most people can understand that before you look out for others, you must look out for #1.  Protecting yourself means protecting your rental and in-turn, your wealth.  There is…

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13 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Renting

Want to know what real estate professionals know about renting a home?  Successful advertising campaigns don’t just happen. Property managers and real estate agents supply their clients with information to prepare the home for the market with targeted advice to ensure that their home rents as high and as fast as possible.   You can entice…

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What are our customers saying?

  • “I want to thank you for all of your help in getting this over the finish line. Yours is a refreshingly professional operation, and the property is emblematic of your systems-clean, tight, and well executed.”

    ~ Barry F.  (Tenant)

  • “Mary, I am so excited; thank you for all your hard work (and to the rest of the team), you ALL rock! I appreciate everything you have done making this so less stressful then I was expecting!”

    ~ Stacey S. (Owner)

  • “Thank you for your prompt, professional, and caring approach to all of my needs. :)”

    ~ Andrea E. (Tenant)

  • “Stephanie, You and your team are simply THE BEST!!”

    ~ D. Brown. (Owner)

  • “It has been a pleasure working with your team and of course the homeowners couldn’t be more wonderful!”

    ~ Dave A.   (Tenant)

  • “Stephanie, thanks for your great service. I could not be happier or more satisfied with you and your office and the partnership we have.”

    ~ Eddi V. (Owner)

  • “Thanks for keeping up on our house on Brahms. We stay worry free thanks to Stephanie Clark and Team. Of course we will refer you to anyone we know looking to buy/sell real estate in vb!” ~ 

    ~ Blake E. (Owner)

  • “I have to tell you that the gentleman that came out yesterday to do the smoke alarms was super nice.  He explained everything to me and was very pleasant. Thank you for sending out such lovely people, we appreciate it.”

    ~ Jessica W. (Tenant)

  • “We would like note that Mary has been nothing short of fantastic during this ordeal. She has been fully available and knowledgeable, whether we had questions or were seeking advice. We look forward to continuing our business relationship, finding good tenants”

    ~ Amber & Scott (Owners)

  • “Outstanding real estate team. They’ve managed my property for more than a decade now and the service has always been prompt, attentive and thorough. They also handled a sale of a different property and, again, the service was excellent. I can’t recommend them highly enough”

    ~ Lee Smallwood (Owner)

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