Stage Your Rental Home To Rent Higher & Faster!

Yes, people DO stage rental homes and yes it works like a charm! In the multi-family property management industry and after years of working at Stephanie Clark Property Management on the residential rental side of things, I’ve learned that staging a rental can make all the difference in number of days on the market and higher rent…

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How to Clean at Move-Out & Get Your Security Deposit Back

Move-out inspections with a landlord are dreaded more than just about anything on earth.  Everyone wants their security deposit back and trust me, landlords would LOVE to give it all back to you. Tenants think that property managers want to keep their money, but honestly, our job is far easier if you move out and…

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Understand Vacancy Loss – Treat your rental like a business!

Because you GOTTA rent your home Many of our clients are in the land-lording business because they have to be, not because they desire to be.  They are not typically like my investors-type clients who plan and save for out-of-pocket costs like expenses for marketing the home for rent, repairs, preventative maintenance and of course regular updating…

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Hire A Property Manager to Avoid The Worst Tenants

What is a Property Manager?  A Property Manager is a trusted professional.  An asset.  A middleman.  A lifesaver.  Maybe most important of all:  A BUFFER.  A buffer from what?  Things you never even thought of.   It’s not as easy as we make it look  If you have ever had a home that you rented…

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How to Retain Tenants & Employees Like Stephanie Clark!

What we do as property managers at Stephanie Clark Property Management has a personal impact on the lives of actual people in our own community.  If you think about it, a home is very a personal thing and where people live should bring them absolute comfort.  Deciding to provide housing to others should never be…

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Lower Your Price to Avoid Vacancy Loss & Rent Faster

In my experience, when a homeowner lists their home for rent, they have a specific price in mind that they must (per them) achieve to cover their expenses, including their management fee.  This is perfectly reasonable and a lofty goal that I aim to help you achieve with a quality listing and descriptions across the internet. …

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Rental Home Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Hello homeowners and landlords!!  My boss, Stephanie Clark, is always prattling on about real estate matters, but sometimes she gives me a real gem.  One thing she tells me all the time is that “the people that make money in real estate are the ones who hold onto their homes.”   Build wealth If you have…

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Identify Tenant-Caused Damage. Separating Fact From Fiction!

One of the most common questions that I hear from owners comes along when we get a repair request from their tenant. It is: “Was this a tenant-caused repair?”  In some cases, the answer is yes!  That being said, tenant-caused damage is rare – like a double rainbow or a white rhino.  It’s not quite unicorn…

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Plumbing Tips & Water Valve Info for Tenants & Landlords

Being a successful tenant and landlord starts with knowledge of how the systems in your home work!  Below are some plumbing tips that I give to our owners who are preparing for tenants for the VERY first time, so they can avoid damages in the event of plumbing disasters.   Most of the water damage that I see…

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What “Type” of Landlord Are You?

Ever wonder what your property manager thinks of you?  Your decisions and coping skills and the other interactions they have with you as they help you muddle through each unique tenancy?  Well wait no longer.  I’ve come up with a list of landlord “types” that we see each day.  Take a guess at yours! The…

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What are our customers saying?

  • “I want to thank you for all of your help in getting this over the finish line. Yours is a refreshingly professional operation, and the property is emblematic of your systems-clean, tight, and well executed.”

    ~ Barry F.  (Tenant)

  • “Mary, I am so excited; thank you for all your hard work (and to the rest of the team), you ALL rock! I appreciate everything you have done making this so less stressful then I was expecting!”

    ~ Stacey S. (Owner)

  • “Thank you for your prompt, professional, and caring approach to all of my needs. :)”

    ~ Andrea E. (Tenant)

  • “Stephanie, You and your team are simply THE BEST!!”

    ~ D. Brown. (Owner)

  • “It has been a pleasure working with your team and of course the homeowners couldn’t be more wonderful!”

    ~ Dave A.   (Tenant)

  • “Stephanie, thanks for your great service. I could not be happier or more satisfied with you and your office and the partnership we have.”

    ~ Eddi V. (Owner)

  • “Thanks for keeping up on our house on Brahms. We stay worry free thanks to Stephanie Clark and Team. Of course we will refer you to anyone we know looking to buy/sell real estate in vb!” ~ 

    ~ Blake E. (Owner)

  • “I have to tell you that the gentleman that came out yesterday to do the smoke alarms was super nice.  He explained everything to me and was very pleasant. Thank you for sending out such lovely people, we appreciate it.”

    ~ Jessica W. (Tenant)

  • “We would like note that Mary has been nothing short of fantastic during this ordeal. She has been fully available and knowledgeable, whether we had questions or were seeking advice. We look forward to continuing our business relationship, finding good tenants”

    ~ Amber & Scott (Owners)

  • “Outstanding real estate team. They’ve managed my property for more than a decade now and the service has always been prompt, attentive and thorough. They also handled a sale of a different property and, again, the service was excellent. I can’t recommend them highly enough”

    ~ Lee Smallwood (Owner)

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