Maintenance Requests

Except for emergencies, all maintenance request should be made in writing. We prefer that you use this link and complete the maintenance request form with as much detail as possible. Please include a picture if you have difficulty explaining your issue. You may also send us your service request by submitting a request by email using our contact form, or submit by our Owner Portal:

Submit A Maintenance Request

If you have requested a non-emergency work order, it will be handled in the order in which it was received, with some work orders taking priority status based on need.  We certainly value your time and needs and will handle your concerns as soon as possible.  Remember we have to run repairs and requests by the homeowners before taking action on most requests.

Please note that when you put in a work order request, you have requested a team-member or maintenance professional to enter your home.  Whenever possible, we will let you know what day we will be entering your home to provide the service that you have requested.  Unfortunately because of the nature of repairs, we cannot always give you a definite time or make a guarantee that your repair will be complete on the day that your home is serviced.  In most cases, you will be contacted by one of our trusted maintenance professionals to schedule directly with you.

If your request is a maintenance emergency during business hours, please call the office at 757-481-0441 and have someone in the property management department paged to assist you.  If this is an after-hours emergency, our office voicemail is set up to prompt you to our 24-hour emergency team-member.  Please see below for what may be considered a maintenance emergency.

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Examples of Maintenance Emergencies

If you experience one of the following, just call the office phone number and follow the prompts for emergency maintenance assistance. Your message will be delivered to our On-Call team member.


  • Any major electrical problem or power outage.  Please check your breaker box to see if something has tripped.


  • No power to your stove and/or refrigerator


  • Any water leaks that cannot be contained in a bucket until the next business morning or any water leak that may be causing structural damage.


  • Any major sewer back-ups or non-working toilet in a home having only one bathroom.  Tenants with multiple bathrooms should use the working toilets until a plumber can be scheduled to come out.  Secondary damage caused by continuing to use a toilet that was reported as malfunctioning could be charged to the tenant.


  • No air-conditioning when outside temperature is over 90 degrees. No heat when outside temperature is under 50 degrees. Please note that work cannot be performed on air conditioners in rain, lightning or at night.  Please check the red emergency switch if present at the home to determine if someone has shut it off.  This will cause the heat/AC to cease functioning.

If your problem is not listed above, please send us an email or leave us a voicemail at (757)481-0441. We will address all other service calls during normal business hours.


  • Lock outs are NOT considered an emergency and are handled only if someone from our team can come out. Tenant (leaseholders with ID) can be provided with a key during business hours at no charge, just call the office and we will arrange pick up for you.  After business hours, if a team member is available and can accommodate bringing your key to your home, there is a fee due upon delivery of the key of $75.00.