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The Importance of Vendor Selections and License & Insurance

I’ve not yet met an owner who didn’t want to spend the least amount possible on repairs.  For many owners, the term “investment property” is a fancy way of saying “we are under water and can’t sell it.”   That doesn’t mean that

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Insurance Tips! Advice for Tenants & Landlords – Be Storm-Ready!

Insurance Reality

As I watch the fall-out from a relatively mild storm this week (compared to others that have passed through town), I am always flabbergasted at how little tenants and owners know about their insurance coverage as well as how little coverage they have for routine occurrences!!!

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Plumbing Tips & Water Valve Info for Tenants & Landlords – So you can know “Jack” too!

Water Valve Information

Hello readers!!! Being a successful tenant or landlord starts with knowing how the systems in your home work!  Below are some plumbing tips that I give to our owners who are preparing for tenants for the VERY first time. What you can do

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Suburban home with front porch

Why Us?

Stephanie Clark Property Management has been delivering outstanding service to homeowners, investors and tenants in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk since 1995. Whether you own a home that you are not able to sell or you already have investment property but are not satisfied with your current property management company, we can help! You may be tired...