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Good Landlord? Bad Landlord? Or Somewhere In-Between?

Ever wonder what your property manager thinks of your decisions and coping skills and the other interactions they have with you as they help you muddle through each unique tenant?  Well wait no longer.  I’ve come up with a list

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Keep Mold Away With Sandra’s Home Trainin’!

Here’s to Being Mold-Free!  Well…Kind of!  The mold class lunch and learn was hosted by Emergency Restoration Services locally and there was no alcohol served at this event despite the festive photo of me and my home-girl Jill!  It was

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HVAC 101 for Landlords and Tenants


WTH! I recently had 2 client-owners comment that we have never recommended that they have their HVAC system cleaned.  OMG!!!  Are you kidding me?  This was after water damage occurred at their home, due to their HVAC drain lines being

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Suburban home with front porch

Why Us?

Stephanie Clark Property Management has been delivering outstanding service to homeowners, investors and tenants in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk since 1995. Whether you own a home that you are not able to sell or you already have investment property but are not satisfied with your current property management company, we can help! You may be tired...